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Top Challenges for Funding Business Growth – and Solutions

By Ryan Collins on 5/1/19 4:50 PM

Most business owners have goals to grow and scale their business.  They often worry more about failure than success when it comes to growth, but success can come with a new set of unanticipated challenges.  Missteps during an expansion phase could hinder a businesses’ chances for long-term success, creating challenges like those below.

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Connect With Alternative Lenders Using a Bank You can Trust

By Mike McCrary on 7/11/16 3:23 PM

On any given day, you can ask a small business owner what they lack the most and the answer will probably be time or operating capital,  or more than likely both. At Lincoln Savings Bank, we know we can only be successful when we can make doing business easier. With that goal in mind, we’re pleased to introduce one of the first online, alternative lending platforms available in Iowa.

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