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Mike McCrary

Mike McCrary is the Executive Vice President of Ecommerce and Emerging Technology at Lincoln Savings Bank.

Recent Posts

Types of Capital and How to Generate More

By Mike McCrary on 1/9/19 2:39 PM



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Business Financing Alternatives

By Mike McCrary on 8/22/16 10:56 AM

For a small or medium sized businesses (SMBs), opportunity often comes knocking - with its hand out. As the old saying goes,"it takes money to make money,” and the availability of capital, or lack of it, can make or break a SMB.  

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Mobile Payments for Businesses: Is It Time to Step Up?

By Mike McCrary on 7/11/16 3:36 PM

Are you still wondering if mobile payments are going mainstream? Financial technology, otherwise known as FinTech, continues to grow. While businesses have been hearing about mobile payments for years, it appears the adoption rate is picking up steam. A trend report from the market research firm Gartner predicts mobile commerce revenues will grow to half of U.S. digital commerce revenue by 2017. Sooner rather than later, businesses of all sizes will allow consumers to pay for their purchases with their cell phones and other smart devices.

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